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It is important to mention that in the real world, most engine treatment formulas do not do much to really improve engine operating efficiencies.   They may provide a little extra protection, but certainly not to the degree they advertise.  The reason these formulas look like good oil is because they are just that; Up to 98% motor oil and 2 % chlorine or Teflon. The Prolong product made here in the United States has a much larger concentration of harmful chlorine by laboratory analysis.  Most of the major engine treatment formula firms in the United States have been sued by the Federal Trade Commission for everything from unsubstantiated claims to out right fraud, or a combination thereof.  

We do not and did not invent the major key ingredients for our FuelMaster FX engine treatment products.  We do however blend these ingredients to manufacture our product.  This is a good thing in that the ingredients for this product have been used by industry for many many years including steel companies and major oil refinery companies.     

The basic ingredient FuelMaster FX Engine Treatment is extracted from Ore and then purified for direct use in FuelMaster FX engine lubricants. This material by itself, since it has a layered structure, makes a very efficient lubricant. These layers can slide over each other at the molecular level, allowing the surfaces of steel and other metals to move fluidly, even under severe pressures, at bearing surfaces. Since FX Engine treatment has a geothermal origin, it has the durability to withstand heat and pressure.  FuelMaster FX Engine Treatment is inert to many chemicals and will perform under a vacuum where graphite, Teflon, chlorinated paraffin and other oil additives fail.

A number of unique properties distinguish FuelMaster FX Engine Treatment from other lubricants:  The product has a very low coefficient of friction even in the higher heat ranges to 750?. It has an extraordinary affinity to stick to metal especially if rubbed in.  FuelMaster FX Engine Treatment has made the near-permanent lubrication of certain chassis points on automobiles possible. Most major auto manufacturers are very safe in advertising their 30,000-mile lubricating-free chassis and suspension. For said they get 100,000 miles without re-lubrication. That historical claim became possible after research resulted in grease and oils fortified by a substance known as Molybdenum, an ingredient of FuelMaster FX that could continue to lubricate over periods of time and at pressures never before possible.

Examining the principles of hydrodynamic lubrication, (just a technical name for using oil and greases to do a job): Hydrodynamic lubrication exists when all the aspirates (microscopic hills and valleys) of the parts being lubricated are separated by a layer (film) of fluid (oil or grease). The ideal situation is no metal to metal contact and therefore no wear. But, and this is a big one, under sufficient pressure and heat the oil film is squeezed out and the metal surfaces begin to get together. When such a dangerous situation occurs the result will be very high local spot temperature rises which causes a lubrication failure. The result of lubrication failure is galling and scoring of bearings and piston rings, which causes high oil consumption or complete failure of parts effected.

So how does FX Engine Treatment help with such a problem? Remembering what I stated above, FX has the extraordinary affinity to stick to metal, especially if rubbed in. It does not dissolve in oil or grease. It is possible to grind FuelMaster FX so small. (35 micron... one micron equals a millionth of a meter), that the particles will remain suspended in liquids, such as oil, grease, glycol, water and alcohol. Products containing Teflon like chemicals can not make this claim as Teflon molecules bond to themselves. When FX is added to oil or grease in very small amounts it becomes an extreme pressure treatment. When the treatment is added to crankcase oil, temperature and pressure cause instantaneous reaction between FX and bearing metal, and a low friction solid film is formed to keep the bearing surfaces from actually touching. This plating is firmed by thermo-chemical reaction and it is continuously supplied to the friction surfaces of the engine or equipment parts by being suspended in the fluid lubricant. Products containing chlorinated formulas will be squeezed out and actually begin to corrode metal engine surfaces in this process. The FuelMaster FX plating is extremely durable – probably the only method of removal is to grind it off. Because FuelMaster FX is in fact a lubricant, it is possible for two treated engine parts such as a bearing and shaft to run for an indefinite period of time without fluid oil.

Major oil companies and most large industries are depending on oils and greases fortified with several key ingredients of the FuelMaster FX Engine Treatment product to extend the service life and reduce maintenance on aircraft, trucks, compressors, tractors and automobiles. Properly used it can double the operating life of equipment and reduce maintenance as much as 60%. Another small plus for the FuelMaster FX Engine Kit  in these days of fuel shortages is that an engine treated with FuelMaster FX engine treatment, a FuelMaster and a small 50 ml bottle of fuel treatment  usually obtains 10% to 25% better fuel mileage. FX Engine treatment by itself reduces friction in an engine up to 60%.

The FuelMaster FX- Engine kit will deliver immediate results within the first tank of gas without any oil change or fuel fill up. FX will do what we say it will.  No Ifs And's or But's.

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